Value from SEEDForest

The time for second-guessing is over. Through SEEDForest, you’ll learn how to plan and optimise sustainable value chains by harnessing smart digitalisation.

Sustainable marriages of process industry value chains

It takes more than mere tracing to advance sustainable development. We need to gain an ability to model and implement systemic sustainability – by planning and optimising value chains and production according to sustainability demands that take the environment, people, businesses, and governance into account.

This calls for a new way of cooperation beyond the value network of the process industry – one that harnesses smart digitalisation. We need to form new marriages between different value chain operators, the digital sector, and the research field.

These alliances create unique opportunities to provide deeper understanding for all operators, along with completely new business opportunities.

Value for members

Cooperation in advancing sustainability creates new opportunities for everyone

We are an innovation platform that matches forest and chemical value chain partners with the best digital capabilities and top-tier multidisciplinary research. We work as equal partners in solving the most complex problems to ensure all participant’s competitive edge in the future.

At SEEDForest, we believe that the best solutions are discovered when collaborative design methods are applied in innovations.

Value for companies who want to take a significant sustainability leap:

• Cooperation is a crucial requirement for genuine and successful sustainable development.
• SEEDForest offers a collaboration platform to ignite the cooperation of value chain operators. We catalyse the identifying of challenges, create research and business contacts and solve problems together with the leading partners of the industry.
• At the core of our operations is our design-oriented culture of experimentation and industry challenge based approach towards concrete solutions.

Value for solvers who can help their customers’ sustainability goals:

• For solver companies, the collaboration platform of SEEDForest provides a wonderful opportunity to learn and offer your own expertise in solving the challenges of the process industry. Solvers get to take part in concrete use case challenge tasks.
• The platform catalyses partnership with other solvers to create something entirely new and unprecedented.