Collaboration platform

The SEEDForest platform operations are catalysed by the challenges and needs identified by KeKe Nyrkki, our Sustainability Think Tank.

Collaboration platform

KeKe Nyrkki, the Sustainability Think Tank is a dialogue platform that connects industry value chain players and researchers together to define challenges and needs in the development of sustainable solutions:

What questions are critical?
Where do companies need help?
What kind of collaborative development is needed between companies and research institutions?

The Think Tank’s prioritisations catalyse the different activities of the SEEDForest collaboration platform: chosen themes, project planning and actions, and all cooperation they contain. The projects can be executed by utilising various funding instruments.

One of the Think Tank’s greatest assets is how it offers a platform for interconnected collaboration between projects: partaking in a project gives you the different benefits of external projects. It also helps other projects to discover solutions on a broader scale rather than within a single project. In addition, the platform aids participants to find new partners and form new partnerships.

Our goal is that all SEEDForest members learn to speak the same language and find mutual “win-win” opportunities. We know how to change our procedures in an agile way to answer the shifting needs demanded by collaborative work.


SEEDForest is for:

• Challenge owners – companies who want to take a significant sustainability leap
• Solvers – companies who help customers in their sustainable development

Want to join our journey?

Interested in joining KeKe Nyrkki, our Sustainability Think Tank or projects? We are happy to invite new partners who want to prove their passion and value in sustainable development. Our collaborative process creates value – Winⁿ – for everyone. All our partners are equal and benefit from SEEDForest’s shared learning, innovation, and business development processes. 

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