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Evidence-based decision making in maintenance and asset management – several data sources at a glance

Jesse Tervo

Evidence-based asset management approach can help in making better decisions, which rely on real data and expert knowledge instead of hunches. How to make the evidence available to the decision makers across the organization from the shop floor to the maintenance and production management?

Evidence-based asset management relies on systematic collection and analysis of information, and attempts to steer away from individual opinions. The process of making evidence-based decisions involves taking multiple information sources into account when making decisions. Such information sources include outputs of the collection and analysis of maintenance event and disturbance data as well as the tacit knowledge of people. Digitalization and Industry 4.0 developments have made thorough reviewing of evidence more viable than before, and new information systems are needed to support that. Looking towards Industry 5.0, where human needs and the efficient collaboration of a user and IT systems is emphasized, the user needs to be empowered with knowledge, choice and ways of improving and learning. In Industry 5.0, technology serves the user and not the other way around.

The decision making situations in maintenance and asset management were studied in the Master’s Thesis Evidence-based decision making in maintenance and asset management. A proof of concept of a new interface to support field maintenance technicians and asset managers with their decisions was also developed (see demonstration video below). The proof of concept attempts to encourage sharing of tacit knowledge and place it at the heart of the decisions along with hard data sources. To prevent overwhelming the user with information, the proof of concept is based on the idea of role-based views that show the user only the relevant information needed in the tasks. The Master’s Thesis “Evidence-based decision making in maintenance and asset management” can be found here.

Demo: Evidence-based asset management: EBAM Interface