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Working in SEED ecosystem – insights from RPA provider

Botlabs is the provider of license-free robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. In the SEED project, Botlabs has participated in the ecosystem orchestration in platform economy -challenge lead by Metsä Group together with Houston, Vincit and VTT. The cooperation made possible by the SEED ecosystem, which has brought together software houses to solve the problems of the forest industry.

Botlabs utilizes Robot Framework technology, powered by robotic libraries developed by Botlabs and the vast expert network of Robot Framework developers. In the SEED project Botlabs has become acquainted with the new application area – forest industry -, its needs and the potential of RPA solutions in this application area. Robotic process automation (RPA) is one automation technology for knowledge work. It allows organizations to automate routine tasks by freeing human resources from monotonous tasks – such as copying information from one information management system into another or comparing data from two or more data sources – for tasks that require the capabilities of human being (e.g. complex customer service or demanding expert work). The primarily focus of RPA technology is not for the factory floor but in a situation where data is compiled into information systems and organization wants to support automation, data transfer, data processing, integration, etc. RPA can also be used to develop Proof-of-Concept (PoC) solutions before a full-scale IT implementation – for example, experimenting integration between two or more legacy software system, showing how they should work together through automation with lightweight software robotics solution before launching a full-scale integration project. RPA is fast and cost-effective way for Proof-of-Concept that allows organization to measure the possible impact of integration. Robot framework can be used to build robust automation solutions that utilize both UI-automation as well as API interfaces.

IT houses offer their own special expertise in the SEED ecosystem, for joint solutions to complex problems in the context of forest industry. SEED ecosystem enabled Botlabs to test RPA solutions in forest industry context, thereby, increase domain understanding and get first domain reference. Project confirmed that Botlabs own RPA platform works well in conjunction with other systems and as a company our agile team works well in co-operation in consortium with other development teams. Konsta Martti, Product owner at Botlabs, highlights:
“For a small but fast-growing company, participating in a joint solution has been valuable experience for the development team. We were able to develop, test and deploy our part of the PoC solution on time and with good results. Project was well run and co-operation with other contributors was smooth ”.

Konsta Martti
Botlabs Oy

Jukka Kääriäinen

Take also a look at the RPA analysis tool and related information that can be utilized to identify the most potential tasks that could be automated using RPA in your organization (material in Finnish). RPA is particularly suitable for automating repetitive IT tasks that are prone to human error and are well-defined and -documented.