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SEEDForest is the first business-driven open collaboration platform that marries the whole value chain of Finnish forest and chemical industry, process technology, automation, engineering and services companies together and with IT industries.

We aim to develop industry capability towards twin transformation: a more sustainable future through smart digitalisation.

Value beyond tracing

The mere act of tracing or monitoring sustainable development is simply no longer enough. Learning how to plan and optimise sustainable value chains is more crucial than ever.

Our vision is to develop industry capabilities towards twin transformation – creating a more sustainable future through smart digitalisation.

To achieve this, we need to form new marriages between different operators, the digital field, and research. Together, they create unique opportunities to spur understanding and business growth in the field of sustainable development.

At Spotlight

  • Kilpailukykyä datasta

    Kilpailukykyä datasta (Competitiveness through data) is a project led by Sitra that works in close cooperation with SEEDForest. The project aims to identify data-based operating models as a competitive advantage for Finnish companies. Theme Production chain optimisationAdaptive asset lifecycle managementFuture Operations & Work Target areas Finnish industry Funding and project model Sitra Participants Finnish industry…

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  • Cognitive Mimetics and Human Digital Twins featured in ERCIM news

    Antero Karvonen (VTT) and Pertti Saariluoma (JyU) contributed an article to the special issue on “Cognitive AI & Cobots”

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  • Raportti: Data kestävän kehityksen mukaisessa tuotantoketjun ohjauksessa

    The goal of this ’Data kestävän kehityksen mukaisessa tuotantoketjun ohjauksessa’ (Data in the management of the production chain according to sustainable development) report was to outline the capabilities and goals of the actors in the production chain to promote sustainable development through the exchange and utilization of data. Report in Finnish available here https://publications.vtt.fi/pdf/technology/2022/T411.pdf

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Themes driven by sustainable change

Systemic sustainable development requires the engagement of industrial operations through assets, processes, products, and human perspectives. From these, we’ve chosen three centric themes for SEEDForest to advance the development of sustainability:

1. Production chain optimisation
2. Adaptive asset lifecycle management
3. Future operations and work

Each theme evolves dynamically in close partner cooperation led by KeKe Nyrkki, SEEDForest Sustainability Think Tank.

Themes in detail

Ongoing projects

Our first projects have already started in 2022, with more to follow.

COACH Human-tech co-agency

COACH creates steps towards human-focused, technologically enabled intelligent industrial work of the future.

• Future Operations & Work

Target areas
• Future operational concepts, design processes, methods, and training approaches, tech prototypes and demos, anticipated future problems and solutions

Funding and project model
• BF co-research

• Metsä Board, Valmet Automation, Kemira, Siili Solutions, Lingsoft, VTT, JYU, Turku UAS

Contact for organisations
• Hanna Koskinen, Project Manager, VTT (hanna.koskinen@vtt.fi)

COLIFE – Data economy in collaborative asset lifecycle solutions

COLIFE offers collaborative business and operational models for exploring solid and fair cooperation between asset owners, operators, and required service providers.

• Adaptive asset lifecycle management

Target areas
• Forest Industry and the OEM’s as well as service providers throughout the life cycle of the industrial system. Data Economy and enhanced collaboration between partners.

Funding and project model
• Co-research, funded by BF and participating companies

• Metsäliitto Osuuskunta, SAP Finland, Nokia, Core Link, Etteplan, Kiwa Inspecta, Nortal, THTH Ry, VTT, LUT

Project Duration
• 1.5.2024 – 30.4.2026

Project volume
• ~1,3266 M€

Contact for organisations
• Pasi Valkokari / VTT pasi.valkokari@vtt.fi
• Kirsi Kokkonen / LUT kirsi.kokkonen@lut.fi

REFOLUTION Biorefinery of the future

The REFOLUTION project aims to demonstrate the cost-effective production of advanced biofuels for aviation and marine sector via a process that can be implemented in existing European refineries. Advanced biofuels have the potential to save several gigatons of CO2 emission per year. However their development is hampered by several factors: a complex feedstock to be processed, the massive investments needed for each new refinery unit, the lack of certification for market adoption and social acceptance of the biofuel production itself. The REFOLUTION has a designed strategy to tackle these limitations.

• Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable biofuels

Target areas
• Existing refineries, aviation and marine actors

Funding and project model
• This project has received co-funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N° 101096780.

• Four industrial large companies: OMV, NESTE, CEPSA and GRACE.
• Three industrial SMEs working on biomass technologies: BTG, BTG Bioliquids and BTG-neXt.
• Four research centres: SINTEF, VTT, CNRS, and DLR.
• Two universities: the University of Rostock and the University of Groningen.
• One consultancy SME: ETA.

Project Duration
• 1.1.2023 – 31.12.2026

Contact for organisations
• Nina Wessberg / VTT nina.wessberg@vtt.fi

OPTIMI 1 for digital Scope 3 passport

A novel concept for transparent and reliable SCOPE3 emission data collection optimizes production chains to minimize emissions and adds customer value using accurate primary data.

OPTIMI 1 aims to create common sustainability KPIs for the food packaging industry, integrate them with business KPIs, and enable online optimization.


  1. Develop a reliable digital Scope 3 passport.
  2. Create concepts to support emission-minimizing decisions.

• Production chain optimisation

Target areas
• Food packaging industry and logistics in forest industry value chain

Funding and project model
• Co-innovation, funded by BF including 3 parallel company projects from Ahola, Paptic and Huhtamäki

Preliminary participants
• Ahola, Paptic, Huhtamäki, Solita, Accenture, Gofore, IOXIO, DataSpace Europe

Project Duration
• 1.1.2024 – 30.6.2026

Project volume
• ~4,322 M€

Contact for organisations
• Riku Salokangas / VTT, riku.salokangas@vtt.fi
• Jutta Nyblom / VTT, jutta.nyblom@vtt.fi
• Marileena Mäkelä / JYU, marileena.t.makela@jyu.fi

Projects in preparation


How we act

At SEEDForest, we believe that the best solutions and innovations are created together.

We match our members’ resources and business interests with each other and top-tier research. Our joint innovation takes place in real industrial environments – connected to the tangible realities of businesses.

In the very core of our platform is to solve industry challenges. We have two roles for our partners: A challenge owner and a solver. Challenge owners are companies who want to take a significant sustainability leap. Solvers are companies who help customers in their sustainable development.

In every project we have both roles to conceptualise ideas towards reality.